The first Duster Ambulances delivered to Angola

Dacia has delivered to Angola the first ambulance models manufactured along with Romturingia coachbuilder. Dacia delivered the first units for the Angolan ambulances services, an African market where the Romanian car manufacturer models are sold under the Renault logo. The Duster ambulance was built with the cooperation from the teams of Renault Technology Roumanie and … Read more

Dacia Duster tuning by Elia

As Audi has ABT and Toyota has Modellista and Dacia has a tuning company specialized in improving the Romanian car manufacturer models. The tuning company is called Elia, and is a company that pays special attention to the Renault-Nissan Alliance models, especially to the Dacia models. Elia has decided to offer to the Dacia Duster … Read more

Dacia Duster with 143 HP with RaceChip Package

The interest shown by the European tuning houses for Dacia Duster is growing in the last period, and because many Duster units were sold in Germany, it was expected that a tuning package will be produced here. The latest tuning kit proposal comes from the specialists of RaceChip, who received the Quality Award in 2009 … Read more

Dacia Duster tuning kit from Cobra

After Duster received the first tuning kit from the Elia AG tuning house, the Romanian SUV enjoys a new interpretation. This time, the tuning kit comes from the more popular tuning house Cobra that is responsible for the modification of the best 4×4 models in Europe. The designers from Cobra have chosen a more individualistic … Read more

Dacia Duster first tuning kit

After being criticized by the Dutch and French publications, because of poor results obtained in tests of braking and stability, Dacia Duster is again on the first pages of the European newspapers with his first tuning package. The Germans from the Elia AG that modify models from Renault-Nissan and Volkswagen became interested by the first … Read more