Renault Duster ready to be launched in Russia

The Duster is ready to be launched on the Russian market. The Romanian SUV will be sold under the Renault logo and will have an equipment level more extensive than the model sold on the Romanian market. The Russian version of the Duster will also benefit from the new 2.0-liter petrol engine and 140 horsepower, … Read more

Dacia Duster for the Russian market

The French of Renault have prepared a special model of Duster for the Russian market. The model presented at the Moscow Motor Show abounds in chromed, specially designed to create the impression of exclusive, high class car. The grill of the SUV was replaced with one with more chrome stripes across the Renault logo. The … Read more

Dacia Duster will be assembled in Russia in 2011

Renault announced officially that the Dacia Duster will be assembled in Russia since the fall of 2011. The parts and subassemblies that are needed to assemble the Duster will be sent from Romania CKD (Completely Knocked Down) packets  assembled in the special center in Mioveni, and the  cars will be assembled by Russian workers. In … Read more