The Romanian Dacia factory has produced 500,000 Duster units

The Dacia factory in Pitesti has produced 500,000 Duster units and the anniversary model is intended for export, as 95% of the Duster production. The Dacia Duster, the SUV manufactured in Pitesti, has produced the 500,000 unit. The anniversary unit left the Pitesti factory on December 3, 2013, has a olive gray color and is … Read more

Dacia will increase the Duster production

The Duster price has brought a impressive wave of demands which Dacia could not satisfy. At this time, the sales are going very well, but the problem the Romanian car  manufacturer is facing is the delivery time. The 4×4 production model makes some European customers to wait even six months for the delivery. To reduce … Read more

Stroe: Duster will have success among women

Constantin Stroe, the Vice President of Dacia, says that the production of Duster started four months ago at the Mioveni factory, and that the new SUV "will be very successful on the Romanian market, especially among the women". Stroe added that so far Dacia produced a series of over 1.000 Duster cars and that the … Read more