Dacia Duster Pickup – 115 HP and a price of 22,500 euros

Duster Pick Up 2020

Dacia launched in Romania the Duster Pick-up model equipped with a 115-horsepower diesel engine. The new Duster Pick-Up has a payload of 500 kilograms and can be purchased from October 22 for 22,500 euros. Dacia announced that it will sell from October 22 a Pick-Up version for the Duster that is developed in partnership with … Read more

Dacia Duster Pick-up second edition launched

Dacia has confirmed the production of 500 units of Duster Pick-Up for OMV-Petrom the largest corporation in Romania and the largest gas and oil producer in Eastern Europe. The Duster Pick-up versions are converted by Romturingia tuning house in collaboration with the Renault Technologie Roumanie engineers. For now, the new Pick-Up version of the Duster … Read more