How to choose a car dashboard camera


Dashboard cameras are not a novelty anymore they have been already tested and many drivers find them more than useful and accordingly they are a very popular product on the gadget market.

So you know you want to buy one but where to start looking for one and what would be the best-suited model for your needs?


Well before answering those questions it is better first to say a few things about what kind of car cameras we can find on the market and which models are appreciated the most and why.

Because exists such a great variety of models it is not easy to choose one, especially if you are not well accustomed to all the technical terms.

So if you think of buying a car dash cam you must first think if you want just a camera that will record only on the front side of the vehicle or if you wish one that will record all-around full view of the vehicle.

The camera that records only one side is a one channel camera and the one that will record face and rear is a camera that uses dual channels.

As is expected dual channel cameras are more expensive due to the high complexity of processing and the fact that they incorporate two cameras.

So the decision of choosing a certain type will be influenced also by the budget you have in mind for this acquisition and if you wish quality you must consider a high price for a dual-channel camera.

But as usual, many solutions are available so you wish a dual-channel camera you can choose a high-quality dash camera that will allow later addition of a rear camera.

Another important thing that you must keep in mind is the size of the camera because it is best to choose a dashboard camera that is small and discreet and of-course the smallest cameras that have many features included are more expensive.

On the market, you will find many small and discreet cameras but the difference in price is made by the quality of the device and by the options included.

What options and features are most important?

Well, you can have basic features and extra-features depending on each model and price range.

The most important features are:

Video resolution

  • 4k high video resolution which means3840×2160 pixels being four times higher than standard 1080p resolution
  • 1080p full HD video resolution which means 1920×1080 pixels

Night time vision

 4k video resolution is very high and will decrease the video quality at night because they are less sensitive to light

  • 1080p video resolution is more balanced and will ensure night images of better quality, more balanced and with lots of details.

Parking mode

 having parking mode is very important to make sure you will have your car secured even if you are parked and in case of an incident the camera will record everything and supply you with evidence

  • Buffered parking mode so that your camera will not miss the action recording continually while parked but saving only recordings seconds before the event
  • Non-buffered parking mode(records just after the events )
  • Time-lapsing parking mode(records continually at a low frame


Included battery

 In case of power shortage having a battery included will allow the camera to still function and save files

  • Battery discharge prevention device is needed because in case of power shortage batteries tend to run for a few minutes or a couple of seconds only. 
  • Sensors 
  • Are very useful feature because they will allow the camera to record and save important recordings in case of a crash when the sensors are triggered

Motion sensors 

  • Are useful in parking mode because they ensure that the camera will record and save the footage when they are triggered by motion

Loop recording 

  • Is a basic feature that is very important because it allows your camera to work even if you run low on storage space by deleting and recording over old recordings

Many features are available but for a reliable camera you will need the basic features and if you afford a high-quality one it will come with extra features included.

So when you decide to invest in a dash camera make sure that you will choose a quality dash camera that will have all the features you need at the right price. A good option is a Garmin Dash Cam. Garmin is a good dash cam manufacturer and their products are excellent.