Duster will have an automatic transmission and new engines

Jerome Olive, the CEO of Renault Group Romania, said in an interview in the ZF newspaper that Dacia Duster will have an automatic transmission and new engines. Unlike the versions with automatic transmission of Logan and Sandero, Dacia will sell in Romania the Duster with automatic transmission. Most likely, we are speaking of a gearbox with torque convertor, produced by Renault. The automatic gearbox will be produced at the Mioveni factory, along with a new range of engines, which will no longer be imported from the Renault factory in Spain.

The automatic gearbox will have 4 or 5 speed and will be taken directly from Renault. The Romanian engineers make the final adjustments and prepare the new version for tests and for the debut that is expected in the next 12 -18 months. Currently, there is information about the engine that will power the Duster version with automatic transmission, but it is expected to be an 110 HP dCi engine or a top unit in terms of performance. At the end of next year Dacia will start producing the right hand drive version of the Duster that will be launched in the UK.

Duster engine


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