Dacia Duster with automatic transmission prices

Dacia launched the first automatic gearbox for the Duster range. It is the EDC dual clutch transmission that is only available with a 1.5 dCi engine and front wheel drive. Dacia also announces the prices for the Explorer special edition that is available on all models.

Dacia Duster Explorer

Dacia Duster, the Romanian SUV that was launched 7 years ago, is one of the best selling models from the Dacia range. During this 7 years, the Romanian car manufacturer managed to keep the Duster into the spotlight with several facelifts and special editions that introduced new aesthetic elements and new technologies. Until the new generation will be launched in autumn this year, Dacia announced the prices for the first Duster with an automatic transmission. A new special edition for the Duster is also available through which the Romanian SUV receives new bodywork paint and a number of additional elements to the exterior and interior.

Duster EDC transmission

The EDC automatic transmission is the most modern transmission produced by the Renault Group and offers 6-speed and is the same propulsion system used on Renault Kadjar and Renault Talisman. The new automatic transmission can be ordered only with a 1.5 dCi engine with 110 HP and can be found exclusively on the 4×2 version of the Romanian SUV. The new EDC transmission offers both automatic and manual mode and has a cost of 1,300 euros. Thus, the cheapest Duster model with EDC transmission is a Laureate version and has a starting price of 16,550 euros in Romania, 16,750 euros in Germany and 15,495 pounds (approx. 18,300 euros) in the UK.

The most expensive Duster model with EDC transmission in Romania is an Explorer special edition that has a starting price of 17,700 euros. In Germany, the most expensive Duster model with EDC is a Prestige version that has a starting price of 17,950 euros while in the UK the Summit special edition has a starting price of 17,395 pounds (approx. 20,500 euros).