Dacia Duster tuning kit from Cobra

After Duster received the first tuning kit from the Elia AG tuning house, the Romanian SUV enjoys a new interpretation. This time, the tuning kit comes from the more popular tuning house Cobra that is responsible for the modification of the best 4×4 models in Europe.

Dacia Duster Cobra

The designers from Cobra have chosen a more individualistic approach of the Romanian model, on which they installed a large front bar with 60 mm diameter, finished in chrome and complemented by a set of tubular side skirts. The 4×4 model, built in Mioveni, will have a modified grille and a stainless steel exhaust pipe with 80 mm in diameter at the end. The 18-inch alloy wheels, with multi spoke and 225/50 tires will change the look of the Duster.

Cobra announces in the official release that the package of accessories comes with a warranty of two years and a European certification.

 Dacia Duster Cobra tuning

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