Dacia Duster in Sahara rally

Dacia Duster will compete in the second competition after Andros Trophy in Sahara desert in Morocco.

The Renault employees will take part in the Aicha Des Gazelles Trophy in Morocco. Unlike the model used in the Andros Trophy, the models that will be used in the Sahara rally and are standard units which received minimal modifications for approval in the competition, so the playing field remains fairly level and the model specs are largely the same, ensuring everyone begins with the same level of equipment as everyone else.

The Aicha Des Gazzelle competition is an environmental stage and will be wined by the team that will have the lowest CO2  emissions.  The two Dacia Duster that will enter in this competition are equipped with an 1.5 dCi engine with 85 HP. They emit only 140 grams of CO2 per kilometer in 4×4 configuration, which qualify to be part of Dacia eco2 strategy.

The Aicha Des gazelles rally is the only motor sport event in which only women can compete. Unlike other motor sports, speed is not as important in this competition, in which prevails as attending a short distance between two points. Crews can only use a 1:100.000 and 1:250.000 map and a compass to create the best route between the required checkpoints. The purpose of this competition is to emit as few grams of CO2 and to use the smallest distance between checkpoints.

Duster Aicha Trophy