Dacia Duster for the Russian market

The French of Renault have prepared a special model of Duster for the Russian market. The model presented at the Moscow Motor Show abounds in chromed, specially designed to create the impression of exclusive, high class car.

The grill of the SUV was replaced with one with more chrome stripes across the Renault logo. The Chromium was used to modify the rear part of the car too: the band on the trunk, made in plastic for the European version was replaced with a chromed one with shiny ornaments that emphasize the logo of the car. The rear window wiper was also improved with a chrome strip.

The Renault Duster for the Russian market will be powered by a new 2.0 liter petrol engine along with the other engines.

The Renault Duster will be produced in Russia in 2011, at the Avtoframos factory near Moscow where now are produced 160.00 units of Sandero and Logan. Until then, the French will assembly the model based on parts made in Romania.

Renault Duster Moscow Motor Show

Photo by р|d