Dacia Duster Dimensions

Dacia Duster has been designed for driving on all roads and will be available in two variants: four wheel drive or a cheaper two wheel drive. In terms of safety Dacia Duster comes with two frontal airbags and three-point seat belts, an Bosch ABS 8.1 system, an EBD (electronic break distribution) and EBA (emergency brake assist).

Here are some additional information about the new SUV from Dacia:


Dacia Duster info 4X2 version 4X4 version
Length (meters) 4.31 4.31
Width (meters) 1.82 1.82
Weight (kg) 1180 1280
Body style 5-door 5-door
Trunk volume (liters) 475 475
CO2 emissions 140 g/km 150 g/km