Dacia Duster on bioethanol available in France

Dacia customers in France can order the 4×2 version of Duster on bioethanol and two other new Euro 5 engines. The two engines are the 1.6 liter and 105 HP and the 1.5 liter dCi and 90 HP. The new unit can be powered both by petrol with an octane rating greater  or equal to … Read more

Dacia Duster has a great debut in Netherlands

After the Italian and French customers have have filled the order lists for the Duster immediately after the launch, the Dutch also hurried to buy the Romanian SUV. While, the initial estimates were that Dacia will sell 2.000 models in 2010, in the first month after the launch, Dacia Duster has already 1000 orders.  The … Read more

James May praises the Duster

James May, one of the presenters of the famous British show Top Gear, praised again the Dacia cars in his weekly editorial in the Telegraph newspaper. This time, James May praised the new Dacia Duster, after a few months ago praised the Dacia Sandero. As expected, May appreciated the simplicity of the Romanian SUV and … Read more

Dacia Duster becomes Nissan Duster in the USA?

The new Duster could be sold under the Nissan logo in some countries in which Renault and Dacia don’t activate. According to the British of Autocar, Duster will receive not only the Renault logo but also the Nissan logo in some markets that neither Dacia  or Renault activate at this time. "In markets where Renault … Read more

Dacia Duster: great debut in Italy

After 10.000 orders in one month after the launch in France Dacia Duster has also a promising degut in Italy. According to the Italian press, the first Romanian SUV gathered 1.800 orders within seven days after the official launch, 600 of which were made in the very first weekend the Duster  was presented in Italy. … Read more

The Renault boss: Dacia Duster will shake the SUV market

The 10.000 orders only in April in France and the total 20.000 orders in this country have not gone unnoticed. Carlos Ghosn, newly reelected president of Renault-Nissan alliance, said the success of the Romanian SUV is identical to that obtained by Renault Scenic 2 at its launch in 2003. "I have never seen so many … Read more

Dacia Duster tested in Morocco

Dacia Duster was rigorous tested by the french journalists in Morocco. The first who published the test drive results was the french site www.autonews.fr, who made a material about Dacia Duster on the roads and sands of Marrakech. The French journalists that tested Duster said that the car addresses to the vas majority and not … Read more

Dacia started the export of Duster

Dacia started sending Duster units for the foreign dealers to cope for the first application of the first Romanian SUV. Dacia sends out between 150 and 300 cars every day, most of which are represented by Duster models. In addition, to prepare for the international release, each Dacia dealer will have at least one Duster … Read more

Dacia Duster launched in Romania

Dacia launched in Romania the new Duster, the first SUV in the history of the group, just two weeks after its official debut in the Geneva Motor Show. During the event held in Bucharest, Fabrice Cambolive, the commercial director of Dacia, said that the Romanian model has aroused a particular interest among the local public. … Read more

Dacia Duster fuel consumption

Dacia announced the fuel consumption for all Duster models and the CO2 emissions of all Duster engines.            Engine      Fuel consumption  (L/100 km)       CO2 emissions              (g/km) Gasoline 1.6 16 v 110 HP (4×2)         7.5         177 Gasoline 1.6 16 v 110 HP (4×4)          8         185 Diesel 1.5 dCi 85 … Read more