New Dacia Duster limited editions

Dacia presented two new limited editions: Duster Steel in France and Duster Connected in partnership with Orange in Romania.


The Duster Steel limited edition is based on the Laureate version and has new accessories and aesthetic updates. The wheels have a diamond finish, the Look package is standard and the fog lamps have new ornaments. In addition the Duster Steel will have the MediaNav Evolution system as standard, cruise control and a leather steering wheel. The engine range of the Duster Steel includes the 102 TCe engine with 125 HP and the 1.5 dCi with 90HP and 110 HP. Depending on the engine, the customers of the new Duster Steel can order a 4×2 or a 4×4 version from the 2016 Duster generation.


The cheapest Duster Steel version will cost 16,600 Euros while the most expensive version will cost 19,300 Euros. Among the available options are the metallic paint (480 euros) Europe map for the  MediaNav Evolution system (100 euros), rear window electrically operated (150 euro), rear parking sensors (200 euros) leather upholstery (600 euros).


Dacia Duster Connected by Orange is a limited edition launched in Romania this week by the Pitesti car manufacturer. The Duster Connected comes with Wi-Fi onboard with data traffic included, reverse parking camera, heated front seats, 16 inch alloy wheels Noir Diamante and a Media Nav system with Bluetooth and USB.

Duster-Connected-limited edition

The Wi-Fi hotspot is a Huawei device provided by Orange and includes a 24 month subscription with 12 GB traffic included that can connect up to ten devices simultaneously.

Dacia Duster Connected by Orange has a starting price of 15,400 Euros, VAT included, while the most expensive version costs 19,100 Euros.

Duster is the best selling model of the Renault-Nissan group

The success of the Duster model is now official: the Romanian SUV that was launched in 2010 under the Dacia logo has become the best selling model of the Renault-Nissan group in 2014, surpassing all important models of the two car manufacturers.


Launched in 2010, the only SUV of the Dacia range, has become one of the most successful projects within the Renault-Nissan group. The Duster is sold in most markets of the world under different logos: Dacia, Renault or Nissan and is the most affordable SUV on the market.

“Duster is a car that is selling very well. The production started with 12 units per hour and today we are at 40 units per hour. Duster is a best selling model, not only for Dacia but for the whole group. Of all models of the Renault-Nissan group, Duster has the best selling figures at the moment. We expect that the success story to continue, “ says Cornel Oleandru, the Dacia factory manager, to

According to Renault-Nissan statistics, there were 395.350 Duster units sold worldwide in 2014, under the Dacia, Renault and Nissan logo. The next best selling model of the group, was Renault Clio 4 with 378.526 units sold in 2014.

To meet the growing demand of the Duster model, the Romanian factory from Pitesti will change the production workflows in the near future. “If needed, the Romanian factory can produce 350,000 units per year. In the Mioveni factory, the Duster has 40 units produced from a total of 60 units per hour. In the future we will have more flexibility for the Duster. Today we have three car body fluxes: for Sandero, for Logan and Logan MCV and for the Duster. From 2016 there will be only two: one very versatile and another less flexible for the Duster, “ says Cornel Oleandru.


Dacia Duster 2016 edition

Dacia presented the novelties that will be seen at the Franfurt Motor Show. The most important of them is an update of the Duster model and a new special edition of the Romanian SUV.


The 2016 edition of the Dacia Duster comes with several updates designed to make the Romanian SUV more attractive to the customers. The novelties were implemented to the range according to customer demands and will improve the offer of equipment and colors of the Duster. Thus, the Duster fans can order a new 16 inch model of alloy wheels with black diamond effect, and the gray olive body color is replaced by a new color called green Altaï.


On the interior, the new Duster 2016 has more novelties: the ornaments will be of two types: black silicone and gray Federer, and the upholsteries are sewed with a discreet shade of gray. The entry-level versions of Duster will have “black silicon” upholstery, while higher versions will have a combination of “gray Federer with black”. The changes are most easily seen at he inner faces of the doors, on the door handles and on the dashboard. In addition, the air-conditioning control system has been subtly restyled.


The Media-Nav Evolution system is the biggest novelty of the Duster 2016 model. The new system comes with a rear-view camera, a completely new equipment for Dacia models. The updated multimedia Media-Nav system can use the Apple Car Play system or the Android Auto system and comes with improved graphics and a new easy to use interface. Urban-Explorer-interior-front

In addition, the Duster 2016 Media-Nav Evolution system has wheel controls that allow access to the Siri virtual assistant from Apple (voice command), can be connected to social networks like Facebook or Twitter, has support for relevant POI, has a new application called AHA (offered free in App Store and in Play Store), has access to online radio stations and many other features.


The new updated version of the Duster comes with a special edition called Urban Explorer available only on the following markets:  Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Swiss, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro. The new Urban Explorer edition will have two equipment packages called Look and Barodeur.


The Barodeur equipment comes with new ornaments on the inferior side of the body, 16 inches alloy wheels with black-diamond effect, mirror casings in black metal color, new side sill trims, longitudinal roof bars ornaments and tinted rear windows. As standard, all Dacia Duster Urban Explorer models will have leather steering wheel and Media Nav system Evolution. It is surprising that the new limited edition of the Duster will not be available in France or Romania, although the Hexagon country is the most important market for the Romanian car Manufacturer.


Dacia has produced 300,000 Duster facelift units in Romania

After celebrating the production of the 500,000th 0.9 TCe engine in Mioveni, Dacia announces the production of the 300,000th Duster facelift unit at its factory in Romania.


Dacia Duster facelift, the restyled version of the first Romanian SUV, celebrates the production of 300,000 units in Romania. The anniversary unit was produced after two years from its launch, and shortly before the launch of the new updated version. The Romanian car manufacturer has announced a new version of Duster with interior and exterior aesthetic updates, that will be presented at the Motor Show in Frankfurt this month. Until then, the production of Duster continues at the factory in Romania, which operates at maximum capacity. Currently, the production of Duster covers more than 50% of the production capacity of the Dacia factory in Romania.

The 300,000th Duster facelift unit is a 4×4 with an 1.5 dCi engine with 110 HP with Blue Cosmos color and Laureate equipment, and is going to a client in Italy. In Romania, a 4×4 Duster facelift powered by a 1.5 dCi engine has a starting price of 17,100 Euro with all taxes included. Even five years after its launch, the Duster has not yet a rival in the true sense of the word, being both the most affordable SUV in its class on the market and the most capable model in this class when it comes to off- road capabilities.

“This round figure marks the commercial success of Duster two years after the launch of phase II. At the same time, the success of the work of Dacia and Renault Technologies Romania teams, who have the ambition to meet the most demanding automotive markets in the world offering an attractive and agile car, with better quality and reliability. Like all employees of Renault Romania, I am very proud to produce this beautiful car in Mioveni, in Romania, “said the Dacia Vehicles manager, Cornel Olendraru.

Dacia Duster will have Euro 6 engines in the UK

Dacia has introduced in the UK a revised version of the 1,6 liter petrol engine for the Duster. The engine has now 115 HP with 10 HP more than the previous version and 156 Nm, with an increase of 8 Nm.


The new unit will be available with a manual gearbox with five or six speed, and will  be found on both 4×2 and 4×4 versions. Although it has a higher performance, the new engine will have lower emissions. The 1,6 liter engine with 16 valves emits 155 grams of CO2 per km in the 4×4 version and 145 grams of CO2/ km for the 4×2 version of the Duster.

In conclusion, all the Duster version sin the UK will have Euro 6 engines. The new versions of Duster will have the Start-Stop system as standard, which translates not only in lower emissions, but also in a reduced consumption.

Along with this upgrade, Dacia will offer in the UK a Euro 6 version of the 1,5 dCi engine with 100 HP. The new engine will have 260 Nm, with 20 Nm more than the previous version and CO2 emissions of 115g/km (for the 4×2 Duster version) and 123 g/km (for the 4×4 Duster version).

This upgrade will be found on the 1,2 engine with 16 valves and the 0,9 TCe engine. Both engines will have Euro 6 and promise lower emissions, a reduced consumption and better performances.

Also in the UK, Dacia has 2 models in the “Glass’s Hot Five” for July, a ranking based on the time that a used car sells since the ad was published. The most wanted used car was Land Rover Discovery Sport, followed by Dacia Sandero Stepway and Chevrolet Captiva. Next is Chevrolet Orlando followed by Dacia Duster, which is for the second moth in a row in the top five of most wanted used cars.

Renault launches the Duster diesel with automatic transmission

Renault decided to use the EDC dual clutch transmission found on its range to the 1.5 Duster diesel version. For now, the new automatic transmission will be found only in the Indian market, but this may be the first step before a launch of this version in Europe.


Dacia Duster is starting to become one of the business cards of Renault, that sells the compact SUV  in dedicated variants for each major markets.  And if until now we knew that Duster had an automatic gearbox in the Russian and Ukrainian markets, where the automatic transmission is coupled with gasoline engines, Renault makes the first step towards an appearance of the automatic transmission on diesel powered versions.

The new version will be launched in India, where Duster will receive this fall a new facelift and a EDC dual clutch automatic gearbox which can be ordered with the 4×2 diesel versions of Duster.
In India, as in Europe, Duster is available in both 1.6 liter petrol engine and the diesel variant of 1.5-liter dCi  engine with two power versions. The European Duster has an extra  gasoline turbo engine of 1.2-liter and 125 HP.

Renault Duster Oroch official information

It is  official: the long-awaited pickup version of the SUV Duster will be launched in South America and is named Oroch. The SUV will be sold under the  Renault brand, but there is a real chance that this model will be sold in Europe under the Dacia logo.


Renault uses the South American market to present an official pick-up model of Duster. The Duster pickup is a model requested by the Dacia fans and by those who wanted a amaller pickup SUV. The Renault Duster Oroch has a perfect place between the full size pickups (Navara, Amarok, L200 and Hilux)  and smaller  models, very popular in South America, but less popular I Europe.

“Duster Oroch has no equivalent on the market. It is positioned between the current pickup segments and inaugurates a new class. It’s a revolutionary vision,” notes Renault in the press release accompanying the first pictures of the model.


The new Duster Oroch benefits from double cabin and offers five seats and a competitive cargo area, despite its compact dimensions. The cargo capacity is  500 kilograms and its length is 1.3 meters.


Built on the facelift version of Duster, the new pick-up will also have the new variant of Media Nav multimedia system. The Duster Oroch will be available in South America in two engine versions 1.6 and 2.0 gasoline.


Oroch is the name of a small ethnic group in Russia which in 2002 consisted of just under 700 people. Located in Siberia, the Oroch group has its own language, also called Oroch, but only 8 people spoke fluent Oroch in 2010.


Duster Oroch will be launched at the Auto Show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, along with other big novelty from the Renault, the Sandero RS. The commercial debut of the Duster Oroch on the South American markets will take place in autumn 2015.

Dacia Duster pick-up tested in Romania

Some spy images taken on the streets of Romania show a Duster pick-up with four doors that could be a future version of the Romanian SUV.


The spy photos surprised a prototype pickup Duster with four seats that was tested in Romania. The new model could be the longest SUV body produced in Romania. Despite the two rows of seats, the new Duster pickup offers a spacious trunk, almost as big as the two seated Duster pick-up.



Photo source: Promotor

The first Duster Ambulances delivered to Angola

Dacia has delivered to Angola the first ambulance models manufactured along with Romturingia coachbuilder.


Dacia delivered the first units for the Angolan ambulances services, an African market where the Romanian car manufacturer models are sold under the Renault logo. The Duster ambulance was built with the cooperation from the teams of Renault Technology Roumanie and Romturingia and is a A1 type ambulance  that  was homologated according to the European standards.


The ambulance version of the Duster is nearly 30 cm longer than the standard model. The change was accomplished by extending the rear overhang to provide the interior space required for the transportation of a patient and an attendant on board, plus the first aid equipment needed.


In addition to the practical attributes and the low prices, the Renault Duster Ambulance offers the advantage of intervention in extremely difficult terrain, inaccessible to most traditional ambulances models.

Dacia Duster Commercial version for the UK

Dacia offers a new version for the United Kingdom market. It is a commercial version of the SUV, with the rear seat eliminated for a more spacious boot.


Dacia announced a commercial version of the Duster for the UK market. In the new version, the rear seat is replaced by a storage space (1,150 liters for the 4×2 version and 1,000 liters for the 4×4 version) that is delimitated from the front seats. The new Romanian SUV version will be the first Duster commercial model manufactured by Dacia and be sold in the UK from June 2015.


The new Duster model is called Commercial and is offered in 4×2 and 4×4 versions. The only engine available in this offer is the 1.5 dCi unit with 110 HP, while trim levels offered are Ambiance and Laureate. The new space in the boot has a length of about 1.4 meters, while its width is one meter between the rear wheels.


Dacia launched the Commercial version in the UK because the demand of this types of vehicles is high in UK and Ireland. On this markets, the commercial vehicles derived from passenger cars represent 30% of total annual sales, and their buyers can benefit from certain tax allowances.  Duster-Commercial-Version-interior

Dacia Duster sold over 16,000 units in the UK since its launch on the market, in January 2013, and the launch of the Commercial version will only increase the sales potential of this model.