Dacia Duster

Renault Duster Oroch –the pick-up concept for the South American market

Renault revealed the new Duster Oroch, a concept based on the Romanian SUV manufactured in Pitesti. The prototype anticipates a future pick-up of the French manufacturer for the South America market.


Last month Dacia presented at the Paris Motor Show the new Lodgy and Dokker Stepway and this month the Romanian and French car manufacturers are ready to offer a new surprise, this time for the South American market.

At the Auto Show in Sao Paolo, the largest event of its kind in Latin America, with nearly 750,000 visitors last year, the new concept will be in the spotlight. It is called Duster Oroch and is presented under the Renault logo, given that all the Dacia models sold in South American countries use the Renault brand.


As the name suggests, the Oroch concept is based on the Duster SUV, successfully reinterpreted by the Renault design department in Latin America, under the direction of Laurens van den Acker. The Duster Oroch Concept has a design that attempts to prove that Renault plans to introduce a pick-up SUV model in the coming years, in the Latin American market, where such models are in high demand. In other words, we could see a Duster pick-up model in the southern part of the American continent, after Dacia has manufactured a limited series model with a local Romanian partner.


The Duster Oroch concept will be a double cabin pick-up, capable of carrying five passengers, and will have a satin white body color combined with orange inserts that suggests a connection with the kite surf sport from that is inspired.


Unlike the classic Duster, the Oroch concept comes with redesigned front and rear spoilers, with a panorama roof and roof railing, and 18-inch wheels. At the rear, the concept uses two cameras able to capture frames while driving, projected in real time on the screen in the center of the dashboard. Also inside, Renault claims that the seats were built by a special technique, which makes them more durable and more comfortable. In addition, they are upholstered with a durable material that mimics the neoprene.

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Dacia Duster Pick-up second edition launched

Dacia has confirmed the production of 500 units of Duster Pick-Up for OMV-Petrom the largest corporation in Romania and the largest gas and oil producer in Eastern Europe. The Duster Pick-up versions are converted by Romturingia tuning house in collaboration with the Renault Technologie Roumanie engineers. For now, the new Pick-Up version of the Duster will not be offered to the public.


Dacia Duster Pick-Up second version, was officially presented by the representatives of the Romanian car manufacturer and of OMW Petrom, the unique client of the model. The OMV Petrom signed a partnership with Dacia and Romturingia to buy 500 Duster Pick-Up units. All 500 units are derived from the 4×4 series version, and are equipped with an 1.5 dCi engine with 110 HP. The Duster Pick-UP provides a simple interior cabin with two seats, protected rear window and a reinforced bodywork on the exterior. The new Duster Pick-UP can carry a load of up to 450 kg and has a length of 1.7 meters. The Renault Technology Roumanie designed the Pick-Up version of the Duster, while the execution was made by Romturingia.


The 500 units of the Duster Pick-Up will use the facelift version and will have to be delivered until the end of 2015.


The cost of a Duster Pick-Up was not specified, but the conversion costs about 3,000 euros, according to the Dacia representatives. So if the Dacia Duster Pick-Up version will be offered to the public, it will have a 3,000 euros higher price.


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Dacia Duster Air ready to debut in Paris

Dacia will present two new limited edition at this year Paris Motor Show: Duster Air and Sandero Black Touch.


In addition to the new Lodgy Stepway and Dokker Stepway Dacia will have two premieres in the Motor Show in Paris. It is the new Duster Air and Sandero Black Touch, two special editions that will be available only in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.


The Duster limited edition will be named Air in France and Blackstorm in Belgium and Luxembourg. Basically, the Romanian car manufacturer takes advantage of the French appetite for its models and tries to do two of the most popular models more attractive.


Dacia Duster Air is inspired by aviation and comes with four different body colors, with Imperial Yellow colored side mirrors, an altimeter design theme, tinted glass and 16-inch alloy wheels with metallic black finish.

The interior continues the theme from the outside with a special upholstery dedicated to aviation and contrasting stitching with black inserts.


Dacia Duster Air special edition will be available with the 1.2-liter TCe turbo engine with 125 HP, and the 1.5-liter diesel engine with 110 HP. If the petrol version will be available only with front-wheel drive, the diesel engine will be available with a all-wheel drive.

The starting price of Dacia Duster Air will be 16,200 euros for the petrol version and  18,900 euro for diesel 4x4version.

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Dacia Duster facelift launched in the UK

Dacia launched the facelift version of Duster on the UK market. Unlike the previous version sold so far in UK, the Duster facelift is manufactured in Romania, not in India.


Dacia Duster facelift is available on the United Kingdom market. Until recently, the English received only the first model of Duster, launched in Europe in 2010, but the change of production from Chennai (India) to Pitesti (Romania) has brought the facelift model on the British market. Due to this change, Dacia Pitesti factory will still enjoy a maximum capacity occupation and the British consumers will be able to benefit from the new features introduced to the facelift Duster range launched 2013 in the rest of Europe.


Dacia Duster remains the most affordable SUV offered in the UK market, the facelift version having the same price as the previous version. The basic model, Duster Access, costs the equivalent of 12,000 euros (approx. 9450 pounds) in the UK, and four-wheel drive version starts at 14,600 Euros (approx. 11,500 pounds). The Duster is currently offered in the UK with two engines: 1.6 petrol engine with 16 valves and 105 HP and 1.5 dCi engine with 110 HP. Meanwhile, in markets where the Duster facelift is available since 2013 the engine range includes a 1.2 TCE engine with 120 HP. Most likely, the last engine will be offered later on the British market for the turbo petrol engine fans.


Dacia registrations in the UK rose by 85.5% in the first six months of 2014, to 12,976 cars, the advance was well above the growth of the market, according to the British Association of car manufacturers and dealers.

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The best Dacia dealer in the UK sold the 1000th car

After last month Dacia celebrated 25,000 cars sold in the UK, the best UK dealer of the Romanian car manufacturer sold the 1000th car, a Sandero Stepay to a family that is  fascinated by the Romanian brand

At 18 months after the launch of the Dacia brand in the UK market, the best dealer of the brand, Ness Motors (Inverness, Scotland) has sold the 1000th unit.


The buyers are a Scottish family that with the new purchase will have three Dacia cars: a Duster and a two Sandero Stepway. Linda and John Brotherston drive the Duster and the Sandero, while their daughter will get the new acquisition, a Sandero Stepway.
To celebrate achieving the 1000th Dacia car sold in the UK, Ness Motors – dealer which has three shops in Scotland – will sell a special edition of Duster. Officially named Dacia Duster MIE, the model is based on pre-facelift version of Duster, the one that still sells in the UK. The Duster MIE version comes with all available elements on the facelift version of the Duster: the MediaNAV navigation with 7 inch touchscreen and integrated Bluetooth, special 16-inch wheels in two colors, gray leather covered seats, rear tinted windows, parking sensors, logos painted in body color and a new special paint color called Caspian Blue. There will be only 20 copies of Dacia Duster Mie sold in the UK and all will be available at the Ness Motors dealerships.


If Dacia sold 25,000 cars in UK in 18 months, the best external markets for Dacia remain France (93,800 cars sold in 2013), Germany (47,100 units sold in 2013) and Algeria (37,300 units sold in 2013).

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Dacia Dustruck the first Romanian 6×6

The Dacia and Renault engineers presented the first Romanian 6×6 called Dustruck. The new model will be powered by a V8 engine and has been developed at the Titu Technical Center in Mioveni.

Here are the first photos of the new Dacia project called Dustruck:




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The 1 million Duster unit sold in Brazil

Renault has produced the 1 million Duster unit, for years after the launch, at the Curitiba factory in Brazil. The anniversary Duster model will be delivered to a customer in brazil, announced the French officials.

The Duster model is produced in five factories under the Renault and Dacia brands and is being sold in over 100 countries.


“ The Duster is a success story. Under the Renault brand, the Duster answers perfectly to customer requirements and has contributed to expansion on international and emerging markets. Meanwhile, the Dacia version of Duster, marketed in Europe and the Mediterranean markets has successfully attracted new customers through practical and real qualities of a SUV at an affordable price, "said Arnaud Deboeuf, the director of Renault Entry Program.

According to Renault officials, the fact that they have been sold 1 million Duster units in just four years Duster highlights the success of the Romanian model.

Under the Renault logo are sold the Duster models adapted to the cold climate in Russia, a version that works with many types of fuels in Brazil, and a a right hand drive version for Indian market. The Dacia versions are as popular due to the spacious interior and the SUV qualities, according to the Renault press release.

The most important markets for Duster, are in order, Russia where there were sold from launch, under the  Renault logo, 151 633 units, France with 145 612 units sold under the Dacia brand, and Brazil with 117,303 units under the Renault brand. The forth market is India with 85 974 Duster units sold under the Renault logo, and the fifth market is Germany with 70 159 units under the Dacia brand.

Currently, Renault produces the Duster in Pitesti (Romania), Curitiba (Brazil), Envigado (Colombia), Moscow (Russia) and Chennai (India).
In 2013, sales rose to over 376,000 Duster units.

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Dacia Duster Pick-up Prototype

Dacia Duster Pick-up was manufactured by Romturingia at the request of Renault Romania, according to Thomas Dubruel, the sales general manager of the French company on the Romanian market.

The Dacia Duster Pickup is not a series model produced at the Dacia factory in Pitesti, but a model that is based on the Romanian SUV modified by Romturingia, a Romanian company specialized in modifying commercial vehicles.


According to Dacia officials, the Romturingia company worked in collaboration with Renault Technologie Roumanie technology center for designing the Duster pickup. The Dacia Duster pickup model was designed specifically to transport large weights over rough terrain.


The first Dacia Duster Pickup models are leased by OMV Petrom, an oil company, the biggest corporation in Romania, who also has other 4×4 pickup models in its fleet like Nissan Navara, but twice as expensive compared to a Duster.


The first Duster Pick-up will probably be available for order by a regular client  in four years.

Source: Autoindustry

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The Romanian Dacia factory has produced 500,000 Duster units

The Dacia factory in Pitesti has produced 500,000 Duster units and the anniversary model is intended for export, as 95% of the Duster production.

The Dacia Duster, the SUV manufactured in Pitesti, has produced the 500,000 unit. The anniversary unit left the Pitesti factory on December 3, 2013, has a olive gray color and is powered by a 1.5 dCi engine with 110 HP, all-wheel drive and Laureate trim level. Like the majority of the Dacia models produced the last years, the anniversary unit will be exported to France, the largest export market for the Duster and one of the most important markets for the Romanian car manufacturer.


The Duster represents approximately 40% of total daily production of the Dacia vehicles factory and 95% of this production was exported. The year 2013 brought a long awaited facelift for the Duster: the introduction of more standard equipment, a longer list of options and a number of aesthetic changes. In addition, the Duster is offered in the company of a 1.2 turbo petrol engine, the most powerful engine ever offered on a Dacia series model.

Duster is one of the most popular Dacia models, although it is the top of the range, and its price is somewhat higher than the Logan and Sandero models. Even so, the Duster is the cheapest SUV on the market. Its base price is 10,900 euros with taxes included, which means that the Dacia Duster facelift is cheaper with 350 euros than the previous model.

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Renault Duster Detour–a new concept launched in South Africa

Renault unveiled today the official images of the new concept Duster Detour. The new concept of the Romanian SUV will be launched at the Auto Show in Johannesburg and marks the debut of the Duster on the South African market.


Duster, the SUV launched under the Dacia brand and developed by the Renault-Nissan corporation, received a concept developed on the facelift version launched this autumn. Basically, the Renault officials will mark the debut on the South African market with Duster Detour concept. The Renault Duster Detour is based on the Duster facelift and shows how a factory tuning can look for the best selling Dacia model. It all starts with a two-tone paint, a set of 18 inch alloy wheels and an aggressive aesthetic package.

Duster-Detour-ConceptThe front grille presents a chromed version of the Renault logo and shapes the personality of the model, along with the headlamps that have orange accents. The front bumper presents a set of fog lights, like the ceiling, and the taillights were inspired by those used on the Duster facelift, although the Detour use LED technology. The official description says that the Duster Detour was inspired by a mix between Terminator and Mad Max plus a number of influences from the Dakar style.


The 18-inch wheels give a more aggressive design to the Duster Detour and are fitted with off-road tires, a sign that the Renault engineers did not want to lose the off-road skills with this in-house tuning. The Renault officials didn’t gave any information about a potential serial version of the concept, although all the design elements seem to be almost ready for mass production.


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